Types of Designer Passport Covers


Are you looking for something to hold your passport, but don't want a bulky case?

We've got you covered. Our line of passport covers is made from the highest-quality materials, and they come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that suits your personality.

Here's a list of the variety of Passport Covers available at TPC Gifts. 

1. Travouge

Stylish and extravagant-looking passport covers that come with luggage name tags are a great way to make a statement at the airport and certainly turn heads wherever you go.

If you are ever looking out for one of these you can always have a look at our "Travouge" section of designer passport covers and luggage tags. Made for the ever-stylish and flamboyant types, it comes in an array of vibrant colors boxed in a unique case that can be gifted to loved ones as well. It's a one-of-a-kind design that suits teens, parents, men, women, doctors, engineers, travelers, tiktokers and so on and so forth.


2. Special Couple Edition

Made for couples who want to show off their love uniquely on a travel trip. These passport covers are cute, fancy, vibrant, charming, lovable, adorable, appealing, and lastly affordable.

They are made with pure vegan leather and hand stitched that will stand the test of time like how relationships do. It's cute as well for Instagram reels and TikToks.

The Special Couple Edition passport covers come in lovely boxes with a personalized message as well and is specially created as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays, engagements & festive occasions. 

 Couple Passport Covers

3. Kids Edition

Make your kids' travel journey memorable by getting them a kids passport cover that is completely customizable as per their fantasies. Our Kids Edition passport covers come in Vibrant and beautiful colours matched with various funny and cute charms making sure your kids will fall in love with traveling with their new passport cover.

Kids Passport Covers

 4. Men's Passport Cover

Need a confident classy looking passport cover that screams chivalry? Look no further as TPC Men's passport covers come in various gentle shades that match any outfit and vibes.

 Mens Passport Covers

5. Women's Passport Covers

Trendy, beautiful and stylish. Our chic passport covers pop, gloss and are fancy af. Our Women's passport covers bring your dull passport to life and go hand-in-hand with your dressing, adding to your style and letting you slay!

Womens Passport Covers


6. Girl's Passport Cover

An accessory that adds glamor, and style and is perfect for a fashionista icon. Our Girls Passport covers are trendy and colorful as per the latest fashion trends with unique textures that will raise your status quo.

 Girsl Passport Covers


7. Fur Passport Covers

A passport cover that helps you protect your passport from the inside while being extremely soft and stylish from the outside. Our passport fur collection is a unique set of passport covers that come in coruscating styles and colors that really catches the eye and makes a bold statement.

 Fur Passport Covers


8. Stud Passport Covers

Luxurious Stud designer passport cover for the flashy and attention seekers. While these passport covers are slim and extravagant, they are also functional and practical at the same time.

Start a trend, own the charm with this passport cover.

 Stud Passport Covers

9. Animal Print Passport covers

Explore various patterns or textures that resemble various beasts of the jungle. Our animal print passport covers are a timeless classic when it comes to looks, style, and beauty. They are compact and just stunningly beautiful to look at.

Animal Print Passport Covers


10. Funky Collection

A collection of cool and crazy fun and frolic funky passport covers for kids and young people. Taking into consideration the trendiest style and the current slang, our designers create beautiful designs for the passport covers matching their taste and vibe.

 Funky Passport Covers

11. Genuine Leather Passport Covers

Exquisite passport covers made of genuine leather that looks premium from any angle and feels exquisite when held in the hand. These Genuine Leather passport covers are made from the finest leather accessible and are truly a designer masterclass. The leather passport holders keep your passport safe while looking stylish and classy!

Genuine Leather Passport Covers

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